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Things that SMCP does not do for the moment

Ths following are things that SMCP does not do for the moment but are planned for future releases:

  • Transfer spam data from the database and quarantine box on account transfer from one cPanel server to another.
    When an account is transferred from one cPanel server to another the DSPAM database entries and quarantine boxes associated with a cPanel account will not be transferred.  All of the email users will have to start over with DSPAM by training it.
  • Doesn't restore exim.conf.local file to it's original pre-install state when SMCP is uninstalled.
  • Does not provide quarantine disk usage information for cPanel's user account quota.
  • Doesn't allow system administrators to add specific IP addresses to the spammeripblocklist file if the "Enable spammeripblock list generation" feature is enabled in SMCP.
    Systems Adminstrators cannot add specific IP addresses because SMCP will overwrite the file and delete what ever was there when the spammeripblock list generation feature is enabled. This occurs because WHM doesn't allow any kind of comments in the editing box for this file. We have a few ideas on how to fix this and will look into them for a future release.

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