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SMCP Requirements

SMCP Requires that the following items are installed and configured on a cPanel server:

  • cPanel version 11.38.1 or better.
  • DSPAM spam filter software.
    SMCP requires a certain set of build configuration parameters to manage DSPAM.  The DSPAM configuration/installation instructions for use with SMCP can be reviewed here.
  • MySQL (Postgres is currently not supported even though it can be used on a cPanel server).
  • cPanel PublicAPI - the PHP version.
    The SMCP installer will install this if it is not installed.  If you do not want to use the SMCP installer then do one of the following:
    • Enter these commands on the command line:

              pear channel-discover cpanelinc.github.com/pear

              pear install Cpanel/Cpanel-beta
    • Follow the instructions on this page to install the PublicAPI.
  • Mail_Mbox PHP Pear module
    The Mail_Mbox module can be installed from the command line by entering the following:

             pear install Mail_Mbox

  • Mail_mimeDecode PHP Pear module
    The Mail_mimeDecode module can be installed from the command line by entering the following:

             pear install Mail_mimeDecode

  • Ioncube run-time loader
    This can be activated via WHM in the PHP section of the "Tweak Settings" page.

  • cPanel Security Tokens
    Security tokens are enabled by default in cPanel 11.36.  If security tokens were disabled when cPanel was upgraded to version 11.36 this forum post has instrcutions on how to enable them since the security tokens option has been removed from the "Tweak Settings" page in WHM.  According to the forum post as of cPanel 11.38 they will always be enabled and the release notes for version 11.36 state that at some point in the future systems administrators will not be able to disable security tokens.

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