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How to order SMCP

To order SMCP just go to the main order page, or go to the SMCP order page. To obtain a free trial license then selcet the "Free Trials" category on the main order page. You can also click on the links to order a license or a free trail license on the main page of our web site.  Once you are on the SMCP order page enter the IP addresses that SMCP licenses will be issued for.  Up to 20 IP addresses can be entered on the ordering page when purchasing licenses but only one IP address can be entered for a free trial license.  The IP addresses should be entered in "comma seperated values" (CSV) format or enter one IP address per line.  Once all of the IP addresses have been entered and you have gone through to the order summary page the order "quantity" on the order summary page will be set to the number of IP addresses entered on the order page.  The order "quantity" cannot be changed on the order summary page  since any quantity changes made on the order summary page will be ignored and the quantity will be set to the numbe of IP addresses entered on the order page.  If you would like to change the quantity for the order once you are on the order summary page you will need to click on the "Edit Configuration" link for SMCP and add or remove IP addresses from the "IP Addresses" field.  If the SMCP installation option is selected then the service will be added to each IP address that has been provided for licesning.  Keep in mind that we DO NOT offer refunds if you purchase SMCP and are then not happy with it.  We offer a 60 day free trail of SMCP for evaluation.

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