What is SMCP?

SMCP is a cPanel/WHM plugin that simplifies the use of DPSAM on a cPanel server. It is a management interface that allows users to review their email history and manage their quarantine boxes in cPanel. It also provides an administration interface for administrators to configure and manage DSPAM on a cPanel server.
(DSPAM is copyrighted by and a trademark of the DSPAM Community Project)

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  • Integrates DSPAM management into cPanel.
  • Simplifies the use of DSPAM on cPanel servers.
  • Provides an alternative to Spamassassin on cPanel servers.
  • Local spam blocklist generation from user spam data.
  • Provides an administration interface in cPanel and WHM.
  • Multi-language support in cPanel and Webmail user interface
    (English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish)